Radiant Ceiling Panels

Radiant Main Green Qualities

• Energy Efficient
• Quiet Operation
• Reduces drafts in comparison with other conventional HVAC
• Low Maintenance
• Aids to even space temperatures

Certifications/Performance Rating

Performance Reference Guide (3 Types)
Pressure drop Curves
General Product Information
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Our extruded aluminum radiant ceiling panels, are made from  6"  wide sections that have a cradle on the back we place the tube into. The front side has a profile of either a "Square Grooved" pattern or a  "V Grooved" pattern. We have one "Square Groove" patterned die that is  4.5" wide, allowing for a 4 tube - 18" wide Linear Radiant Ceiling Panel. makes one of the thickest lineal panels in the industry. Our "Square Grooved" panel is  0.120" thick. This panel was chosen especially for it's thickness for the Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center in New York. These panels are especially heavy and require extra support from wire hangers along the lengths of the panels after being placed into the grid. This takes the whole burden away from the grid system for sole support of these panels. We make these panels 6", 12", 18", 24" and even wider than 30".  All extruded aluminum panels are POWDER COATED for durability.

Radiant Ceiling Tile

Pictured above are our modular panels. Our modular panels are meant to drop into a standard 15/16” grid system. We ask thou that the grid system be “Heavy Duty” to accommodate the panel’s weight when filled with water. The copper tubing which is ½” OD is bent to a serpentine coil and metallurgically brazed to an aluminum sheet that is .040” thick. These panels can do both heating and cooling. The panels can be either a straight Lay-In panel with a 90 degree 1” bend towards the copper, or we can form these into Tegular panels. Both types of panels can be silk screened to match the balance of the soft ceiling tile system.

Radiant Ceiling Tile

This is a picture of our Extruded Aluminum Linear Panel. Pictured is the backside.
Note between the two cross braces our 100% encapsulation die of extruded aluminum.
We extrude a separate piece of extrusion to encapsulate the copper 100%. We leave 6" at either end for U-Bends and return water, depending on the panels flow requirements.


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