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InsoFast Green Qualities

• Avoids thermal bridging - fully insulated studs
• Moisture drainage : a weather resistant barrier that sheds water
• Quick installation using a minimum of resources
• Expanded Polystryrene is a recyclable material
• 2" thick panel provides R-8 thermal insulation

• Class III Vapor Barrier

What panel thicknesses are available?

How are the InSoFast panels packaged?

Where can I buy InSoFast?

What adhesives can be use?

What type of mechanical fasteners can be used?

Do I have to wash the walls first?

Is a vapor barrier required?

Are the InSoFast panels flame retardant?

Do I have to cover the InSoFast with drywall?

Can I install drywall right away?

How do I find the wiring chases after the drywall is installed?

Can InSoFast Panels be used with interior perimeter drainage systems?

Can I use InSoFast in termite infested areas?


Currently the InSoFast panel is only available in the 2" thickness. For projects requiring additional insulation, InSoFast panels can be installed in two layers or on the inside and outside of a wall assembly. (Back to Top)


The InSoFast panels are shipped in boxes of 11 panels which are easy to carry or slide down the basement stairs. There are 8 boxes on a pallet. (Back to Top)

Product Availability:

The InSoFast panels are available through out the US and Canada. See the Dealer Page to find the dealer nearest you. If there is no dealer near you, your job specific order can be shipped direct to your project location. Shipping times vary from 2 day service to 5 day service. (Back to Top)


Any foam compatible adhesive can be used according to manufacturer's recommendations. PL300 brand adhesive is recommended. Non-foam compatible adhesives may be used with caution and only on the attachment studs. Some solvent based adhesives will eat away the expanded polystyrene.

When used for ceiling applications, it is recommended to also use Loctite brand adhesive which has a high initial tack value. Use the Loctite adhesive on the foam and the PL300 or PL Premium adhesive on the attachment studs. (Back to Top)

Mechanical Fasteners:

When mechanical fastening is required, it is recommended that a concrete anchor screw or nail are used. Tapcon brand screws or Gripcon nails are examples of recommended fasteners. It is not recommended to use power actuated drivers. (Back to Top)

Wall Prep:

It is only necessary to clean the walls if they are dirty or have peeling paint. Please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for the adhesive to be used. It may be necessary to use mechanical fastening in addition to the foam adhesive. (Back to Top)

Vapor Barrier:

InSoFast panels are classified as a Class III vapor retarder. InSoFast does not require a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier can be used with the system, however it will not allow drying to the interior if used below grade. Please check with your local building official. For permeability rates please see the specification page. (Back to Top)

Flame Retardant:

The InSoFast foam is manufactured with a flame retardant expanded polystyrene, meaning it will burn under direct flame but will not support a flame. Once the heat source is removed, the fire will extinguish. (Back to Top)

Drywall Requirements:

The building codes state that all foam products are required to be covered with a 15 minute fire barrier. Please check with your local building official. (Back to Top)

Drywall Installation:

If drywall is to be installed immediately, please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for the setting time of the adhesive used. If it is necessary, please use mechanical fastening of the InSoFast panels to the concrete wall. (Back to Top)

Wiring Chase Locations:

It is easy to locate the horizontal and vertical wiring chases. Use a stud sensor to locate the attachment studs. The vertical chases are 8" o.c. each way from the stud and the horizontal chases are located 24" o.c. at the top and bottom of each stud. (Back to Top)

Perimeter Drainage Systems:

InSoFast panels work well with all types of perimeter drainage systems. (Back to Top)

Termites and InSoFast:

InSoFast panels are not termite proof, however the InSoFast panels do not have any nutritional source (wood) in the plastic stud or foam. Termites can burrow through foam in their quest to find wood.

InSoFast panles can be installed in such a way that monitoring and treating for termites can be accomplished if a suspended ceiling is installed. By keeping the InSoFast panels down 1/2" to 1" from the ceiling, a gap is created at the top of the wall which would allow access to spray treatments down each and every drainage channel on the backside of the InSoFast panel. This means the InSoFast wall system can remain intact without having to tear apart or drill holes for the treatment application. (Back to Top)


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