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Solarchoice heater

Green Qualities

• Passive Solar Heating
• Carbon Neutral - No moving parts, electricity, gas, or connections needed
• Can help to reduce your heating cost

Certifications/Performance Rating

• Can be mounted on your existing vertical blind head rail
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
Custom Fit and Custom Colors
University of MN Sky Team Results
Effective Thermal Resistance Testing
• How to Measure your Window for SolarChoice Heater Video (Large / Small)
• How to Install your SolarChoice Heater Video (Large / Small)
• General Information about SolarChoice Heater Video (Large / Small)


Now You Can SAVE 35% or More on Your Heating Bills

SolarChoice Heaters are a breakthrough passive solar heating system that can reduce heating bills by as much as 35%. It’s a simple, smart, affordable way to generate clean, renewable heat with a solar heater that is the newest application of solar power heating technology.

Masquerading as window treatments, SolarChoice passive solar heaters draw cool air into the bottom of each vertical vane. As air travels up each vane and along the solar heated, aluminum insert it exits the top and re-enters the room at 120-140 degrees. It’s a passive solar power heating system – requiring no power source or connections of any kind - that helps reduce heating bills from the moment they’re installed. SIMPLE.

So what does this means for you? Air heated free by the sun and SolarChoice Heaters for years and years to come.

In addition to heating your home, apartment, office or building with this innovative solar power heating application, you get proven results to reduce heating bills. Also, your passive solar power heating purchase is backed by the SolarChoice Limited Lifetime Warranty. ALL IN ALL, VERY SMART.

Putting the Power of the Sun to Work for You. It’s Simple. And Smart.

Benefits for You, Your Home and Business

■ SolarChoice Heaters - the simple, smart way to affordably bring the latest innovation in passive solar heating technology into your home and your life.
■ SolarChoice Heaters can help you save 35% or more on your heating bills.
■ Affordable price plus lower heating bills equals a great value for you.
■ A placement of a 6 ft x 8 ft SolarChoice Heater in south-facing windows can generate 40,000 BTU’s of
heat in an eight-hour period.
■ Consult your tax advisor regarding possible federal tax incentives to help reduce your cost of ownership even more. Additional incentives might be available from your state, county, municipality and/or power company.
■ Your purchase of SolarChoice Heaters is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
■ SolarChoice Heaters are passive – requiring no moving parts, electricity, gas or connections of any kind.
■ SolarChoice Heaters contributes absolutely no carbon to the atmosphere; 0 carbon footprint.
■ SolarChoice Heaters require no maintenance; cleaning is accomplished with a damp wipe.
■ Custom-fit SolarChoice Heaters are easy to order and install.
■ SolarChoice Heater can be mounted on an existing vertical blind head rail.

The Value Proposition

The value proposition is straight forward. Every square inch of the SolarChoice Blind, hung in a south facing window is capable of generating in excess of 5+ BTU’s for every 8 hours of sunlight. The savings a consumer can anticipate is a function of the surface area in square inches of the windows equipped with SolarChoice heaters times 5 BTU’s per sunny day. This is all accomplished on a completely renewable basis.

Here is what that means in energy savings of a standard 6 foot by 8 foot sliding glass door:

Square Inches: 6,912
BTU’s per Day: 38,016
BUT’s per Month: 1,140,480

Here is what that means in dollars and cents of a standard 6 foot by 8 foot sliding glass door:

BTU’s Per Month: 1,140,480
Average Cost per BTU : $0.00003224
Cost Savings per Month: $36.77

SolarChoice Heater Can be Mounted on An Existing Vertical Blind Head Rail.

Validation of Performance

SolarChoice sought and received the help of the University of Minnesota SKY TEAM of engineers to measure the efficacy and performance of the SolarChoice Heater. They measured the heat output of the product to quantify heat produced by the product under the prescribed conditions both in a home setting and in the laboratory. In addition they have measured the velocity of air circulated by convection for the individual slats to determine the circulatory properties of the heat generation. While SolarChoice financed the analytic work performed, it had no influence on the results. The SKY TEAM operated completely independently of SolarChoice in the measurement and analysis results. Additional analysis continues to be conducted to evaluate enhancements to the product.

Custom-fit SolarChoice Heaters Are Easy to Order and Install.

FAQ’s about SolarChoice Heaters:

Q. What is a SolarChoice Heater?
A. SolarChoice Heater is a passive solar heater with no moving parts, no electricity or connections of
any kind are required looks like a vertical window blind.
Q. How do SolarChoice Heaters work?
A. Each vane draws cool air through the bottom and the heat absorbing metal insert warms the air to 120-140 degrees. The warm air flows from the top of each vane to help heat your home or office and dramatically lower your heating bills. The sun’s heat is working for you, naturally, every day. It’s simple to turn that energy into heating cost savings with SolarChoice Heaters. Learn more here:
Q. What rooms can I heat with a SolarChoice Heater?
A. You can heat any room in your home or office with a SolarChoice Heater. You will get the best results by installing SolarChoice Heaters in south-facing windows as they get the most direct sunlight.

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