Green Dryer balls

Green Qualities

• Non-Toxic
• Hypo allergenic
• Softens cloths without detergent
• Last for hundreds of loads of laundry

Keep your fabrics feeling soft and fluffy with the help of durable Dryer Balls. They work in any dryer and are the perfect laundry solution when you want to soften fabrics naturally! Your clothes will be ready to go in no time since Dryer Balls cut down on drying time, reduce wrinkles and make ironing easier. Because Dryer Balls are reusable, you will also save money on fabric softeners, dryer sheets and energy. Doing laundry can be a real bore but Dryer Balls will make it seem like less of a chore!

Product Cut Sheet


Work Green Magic on Your Fabrics

Dryer Balls offer an eco-friendly, nontoxic and hypo-allergenic way to naturally soften your laundry. Now you can avoid landfill-clogging dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners laden with dangerous toxins. Dryer Balls last for hundreds of uses and reduce drying time so you will save money and energy! Designed to lift and separate each laundry item as it tumbles in the dryer, Dryer Balls allow air to flow more efficiently. Plus, the tips on the end of each ball massage and fluff clothes, sheets and towels. Your fabrics will dry faster and softer without the use of harmful chemicals!

Laundry Dryer Balls Keep Fabrics Fresh

Product Description: Reusable Dryer Balls,
Softens Clothes,
without Chemicals.
Weight per Ball: 0.26 lbs
Product Measurement: Ball 2.5" Diam
Package Measurement
8.15" x 6"


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