aspire glaSS & sURFACE CLEANER

Green Qualities

• 98% VOC Free
*Water Based
*No CFC’s
*Steel canister is made of 50% recycled material –twice the industry norm
*100% Recyclable
*No waste water generated in the Manufacturing process
*Large particle size of propelled cleaner means less cleaner dissolved into the atmosphere
Certifications/Performance Rating

• FEP- Favorable Environmental Profile
• SCS- tested biodegradable
Product Cut Sheet


Aspire Glass & Surface Cleaner is specially formulated for streak-free use on glass, mirrored surfaces, and more. Effective on highly reflective materials such as black metal filing cabinets, it can be used indoors and out, on hot or cold surfaces. It quickly dissolves smudge, film, scum, smear, bug residue and many other stubborn deposits. The “cleaning action” formula is virtually ammonia free (contains less than 0.02%) so as not to impart a strong lingering fragrance. The fast breaking white foam clings to vertical surfaces and is safe for use on window tinting, clear plastic, and other surfaces such as display cases and video displays, etc. Applications can be found in Industrial and Institutional settings, Glass and Mirror Manufacturing, Window Installation, Vehicle Detailing, Windshield Replacement, Marine/RV, and more.


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