aspire baseboard stripper proffesional strength

Green Qualities

• 96% VOC Free
• Water Based
• Nonflammable
• No CFC’s
• Steel canister is made of 50% recycled material –twice the industry norm
• 100% Recyclable
• No waste water generated in the Manufacturing process
• Large particle size of propelled cleaner means less cleaner dissolved into the atmosphere
Certifications/Performance Rating

• FEP- Favorable Environmental Profile
• SCS- tested biodegradable
Product Cut Sheet


Aspire Baseboard Stripper is a special high foaming floor stripper formulation developed to let chemistry do the hard work of removing years of unsightly wax and buildup. Ideal for use on vertical surfaces such as baseboards and kick plates not normally reached with water thin conventional liquid stripper applications. It is excellent also for spot stripping hard to reach vertical and horizontal areas where foot traffic is minimal: under desks, tables, counters, along walls, behind fixtures, etc. This heavy duty product leaves your floor ready for new wax to be applied. Multiple layers of build up are quickly emulsified by chemical action for easy, speedy removal. Uses can be found in most any commercial setting including offices, institutions, hotels, hospitals, schools, public places and more.


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