Green Qualities

• Insulation value of 4.8R per inch
• Fiberglass free
• Formaldehyde free
• No skin Irritation
Certifications/Performance Rating

• ASTM E 84 Flame Spread 20 , Smoke Generation 180
LEED Contribution Letter
Product Cut Sheet


ECOGLUE™ EXTREME is a high performance polyether moisture cure technology that is 100% solids, solvent free and less than 2% VOC. It’s engineered for strong adhesion to virtually any substrate, and will provide a long lasting weather tight seal even in the most unfavorable wet application conditions. EcoGlue Extreme is suitable for vertical or overhead applications and can be painted after 24 hours. It is safe to use indoors, or in confined spaces, as it contains no odor. Best application temperatures are above 30 F (-1 C). Moisture Cure / Odor Free / Non-Shrink / Instant Grab / Flexible /Waterproof / Paintable

Product Benefits Substrates
Moisture Cure Technology Concrete
100% Solids/Non Shrink or Crack Block
No Solvents/No Outgassing


Less than 2% VOC Stone
No Prop 65 Materials Wood
No Odor Cement Fiber Board
Non-Sag/Applies Vertically& Horizontally Masonry
(Bonds to Damp Masonry)

Instant Grab Galvanized Metal


No Mixing-Single Component PVC
Waterproof SBS Mod Bit
Excellent Weathering Properties EPDM
Provides Temporary Emergency Underwater Repair Many Engineering Plastics
Formaldehyde Free Vinyl
UV Stable Glass
Paintable Foam
Dries White & More

How To Use

  • Make sure surfaces are clean and free of dirt, oil or debris.
  • Clean contaminated surfaces with alcohol, not petroleum based solvents.
  • A quality caulking gun is recommended to ensure ease of application.
  • Best when used above 30°F (-1°C)
  • Cut cartridge tip to desired size at a 45° angle, and puncture foil seal with nail.
  • Begin gunning to bond surfaces and assemble, making sure bonded materials are tightly joined.
  • Use mechanical fasteners as needed or dry tool the sealant to create a strong mechanical bond against the joint faces.
  • NOTE: Application specific instructions provided on Technical Data Sheet.


EcoGlue™ Extreme has instant grab, typically skins over within 35 minutes, and cures completely in 3 to 7 days depending upon temperature, humidity and thickness. Lower temperatures and humidity prolong cure time. Higher temperatures accelerate cure time.


Wet sealant can be removed using a solvent such as alcohol or soap and water. Cured product can be removed by abrading or scraping the substrate.


Store in original unopened containers and in a cool dry area. Protect container from heat and direct sunlight. Elevated temperatures will reduce shelf life.

Industry Uses

Truck/Bus/Metro/RV, Manufactured Housing, Construction, (Residential/Commercial), Light Trailers, Metal Buildings, Steel Roofing, Steel Entry Doors.

Packaging Specs :
Sales Part #:  575012
Size: 10.1 Oz. Cartridge
Case Weight:  15.0 lbs.
Case Dims:  7.94 in. x 5.94 in. x 11.25 in. (L(depth) x W X H)
Case Cube:  0.31 ft.3
Case Pack:  12


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