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sound proof flooring

Green Qualities

• 93% post consumer recycled content
• 100% Recyclable by sending back to the manufacture
• Diverts used tires from landfills

Certifications/Performance Rating

ASTM E84 tested
• 25 year limited warranty
Acoustical test
LEED contribution letter
Installation Instructions


MATERIAL: Recycled rubber
FEATURES: Effective sound control
APPLICATIONS: Sound control floor underlayment. Homes, offices, condos, home theaters and sound rooms
ROLL SIZE: 4' x 25' - Sold in full rolls
COLOR: Black
FLAMMABILITY: ASTM E-84 Flame spread; Smoke developed: 315
INSTALLATION: Adhesive Poly 300 or DA5


Wood floor Adhesive 8-mm (5/16”) Acoustik Membrane Adhesive Concrete slab


Wood floor
Adhesive 8-mmm (5/16”) Acoustik membrane adhesive 38-mm (1 1/2”) concrete slab 11.1-mm (7/16”) particaleboard 38 x 235-mm (2” x 10”) floor joist RSI 1.470-mm (2 3/4”) sound insulation

25 Year Limited Warranty:

The 25 year limited warranty is offered by Tuile Duro Inc. Acoustik is warranted against degradation of the physical properties of the products rubber material when installed in accordance with the manufactures installation instructions. The limited warranty covers replacement of the Acoustik product only, labor, materials and other cost to repair and replace floor components are not warranted no other warranty is either expressed or implied. All liability associated with the use of Acoustik is assumed by Tuile Duro Inc.


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